About Wendy Garrod

Wendy Garrod set up Cool and Beautiful Nightwear to offer mastectomy patients like herself the chance to buy stylish and elegant mastectomy wear. Working with a local bridal and evening dress designer, Wendy initially created two beautiful nightdresses in soft woven cotton with pretty ribbon trims. The nightdresses are specifically designed to hold a lightweight prosthesis for a single or bilateral mastectomy, to provide a comfortable fit, to be cool and to look beautiful.

Photograph of wendy garrod

“Since I had my mastectomy in 1983 I have been unable to find a comfortable, well fitting and pretty mastectomy nightdress. I have put up with ordinary nightdresses and the inconvenience, when either staying with friends or being in hospital, of either getting dressed before going downstairs or wearing a bra under my nightdress in order not to embarrass others. Sewing a pocket into the bodice has been an option but spoils the line of the garment whilst usually resulting in an odd, ‘lop-sided’ look.

Friends who have not had a mastectomy but who have been or are going through the menopause, have also complained about the lack of pretty but cool pure cotton nightdresses to help them cope with the inevitable hot flushes.

In 2008 I set out to design a mastectomy nightdress which would fill the criteria of being cool, comfortable and capable of holding a soft prosthesis whilst also looking both stylish and elegant.

After many disappointments along the way, due to a mastectomy nightdress requiring a more specialised fit than the normal, off-the-peg range, I have finally created a nightdress that will suit most ladies. I am especially pleased that I have been able to ensure that it is made in England and from 100% cotton (excluding trims) .

I have worn and washed my nightdress repeatedly and have found it to be the most comfortable nightdress that I have ever slept in. I don’t always bother to wear it with my prosthesis when I am sleeping but have found it invaluable when on holiday, sitting out on the terrace enjoying a lazy, late morning breakfast. I have received some lovely comments from customers who have bought the nightdress, making them feel “pretty, feminine and confident”. (their words)

The pocketed mastectomy nightdresses are available to buy online. Please contact me if you would like to know more about the nightdresses or are uncertain about the correct size for you.